Our Services

Sportsful Consulting & Activation Service

BLUETAG will provide services centered on Consulting & Activation to customers involved in various sports related businesses. With more than 10 years of experience in the sports industry, supporting  products and corporate initiatives leading to athlete support and sports industry development, we will assist you to deliver value to athletes and sports markets.

Our strength is the power to use creativity in building business models and marketing plans for brand’s  communication.

We are engaged in various sports businesses, including initiatives with leading Japanese companies and brands, business development in overseas brand Japan market, launch of new business.

Sportsful Brand & Event Company

As a Sportsful Brand & Event Company, we are working on a business linked to products “PITCH”.

We propose sportsful brand to our business partners and customers, PITCH.

We will help you to develop more sportsful things by overlapping our creativity with moderate Pitch to make things related to sports.

In particular,

· Distributor of overseas brands

· Produce sports related events, direction work

· Video production related to sports

Sportsful Investment & Incubation Company

BLUETAG’s Sportsful Investment & Incubation Service

Coming soon